Emma Kachelmeyer – Intern Project Buying for the Gift Shop

indoors at a botanicl garden outside a gift shop with items for sale like clothes, purses, lamps and more.

For my intern leadership experience, my boss, Val Throne, and I went to the gift market in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was my job to pick products, quantity, cost, and display the products purchased. Val and I decided it was appropriate to focus on recycled or repurposed products due to the theme and sculptures featured in Reiman Gardens this year. We had to search 400 showrooms to find the perfect products that are all environmentally friendly. After two days of shopping I ended up finding flip flops, throws, mittens, rugs, bags, wallets, scarves, and lamps.

The Gumbies flip flops are made from recycled tires and are great for summer wear. The mittens and throws are both made from recycled cotton and produced on vintage knitting machines in the USA. Our Malia bags are made from recycled cement bags and make very stylish wallets and messenger bags. The Dona Bela Shred scarves and headbands are made here in Iowa. They are produced from remnants of clothing manufacturers. The lamps in the display are made from real leaves. And lastly, the rugs are indoor/outdoor and made from recycled plastic bottles. Come check out all our new products at the Gift Shop on your next stop at the Gardens!