Sydney Weldon – Plants of Interest

at a botanical garden with a plants of interest table with various plants cuttings in vases with water.

As the plant collections intern, one of my responsibilities is to curate the Plants of Interest table at Reiman Gardens. Each Monday, I choose a theme for the table that I believe the public will take interest in, whether that be based on morphological characters, evolutionary relationships, or plant properties. After I find 8-10 plants that illustrate my theme, I develop a handout with plant-specific information and create a map that shows where the selected plants are located. I have also added a featured “Weed of the Week” to allow guests to familiarize themselves with weeds they may come across in their own gardens.

My goals for Plants of Interest this summer are to showcase the beautiful blooms we have throughout the Gardens and inspire public appreciation for the botanical world on a deeper level. While there is certainly value in the visual pleasure that plants provide, it is my hope that those interested in learning about the fascinating areas of plant biology and systematics will have the chance to do so.

The Plants of Interest table is located just outside of our Hughes Conservatory — be sure to stop by and see what’s in bloom on your next visit!