Walking Sticks

close up of a walking stick with dark brown legs, head and body on a white background

We’ve got some exciting news! A new insect, aside from butterflies and moths, will now be permanently on display in the middle emergence case. The case will feature two different species of walking sticks.

Walking sticks (Phasmatidae) are among the most fascinating of insects. They’ve taken the survival skill of camouflage to a whole new level. One is the New Guinea Walking Stick (Eurycantha calcarata), which for a walking stick is very bulky and big—around 4 inches long. The other is the Jungle Nymph (Heteropteryx dilatata). The female of the species are bright green and can be as long as 5 inches. The male is smaller and brown. But both are so long lived—2 years—that some people keep them as pets!

— Nathan Brockman, Christina Reiman Butterfly Wing Curator