Sara Abbott – Education Intern

intern smiling

Hello! My name is Sara Abbott, and I am an education intern here at Reiman Gardens. I am currently a senior at Iowa State University studying biology and education. Eventually I hope to work in a middle school as a natural science teacher. I found myself at the Gardens after following a love for teaching, and an interest in the natural world. I believe that students need educational guidance to enhance their curiosity in the sciences.

I’ve already had a wonderful time seeing students learning in an active and friendly environment, and it’s really wonderful seeing young people excited about the outside world. So far I find the most fun part of both youth and adult education here is showing off our Butterfly Wing. No matter the age, everyone lights up as they see these beautiful insects dancing around them. Also getting so many opportunities to pick up tidbits about the butterflies has been so much fun. I’m really excited to start getting more integrated in the education culture here, and be more active in our various programs!