Mary Katherine Jones – A day in the life of Events

Reiman Gardens intern sitting on a bench and smiling while outside with whtie flwoers behind

Hey guys! This is my 11th week here as the Special Events Intern and man does time fly when you’re having fun! When working in events, you’re on your feet a lot. Being the Special Events Intern means you’re behind the scenes a lot. My work goes into planning and then implementing ideas for events. Reiman Gardens just hosted one of its biggest events of the summer the annual Garden Art Fair. Since I started in May every day I have been doing something to help prepare for the fair. The process started with a call out to local artists and then a selection process through an application. After the applicants were selected we then had to place everyone on the map which constantly changed (even the day of the fair). A few days before the fair we set up both inside and outside for the artist’s booths. Then finally after all those weeks of planning and preparing the event took place. The fair was a huge success-and we couldn’t have asked for better weather! Seeing the joy brought to the community through the Garden Art Fair is one of the reasons working in events can be so rewarding.