Richa Patel – Plants Collection and Records Intern

Reiman Gardens intern smiling while wearing sunglasses

Hello! My name is Richa Patel, and I am the Plants Collection and Records Intern here at Reiman Gardens. I’m a junior at Iowa State University studying Landscape Architecture. I have been working at Reiman Gardens for almost two months now, and I’m really loving this place. I work with maintaining the plants collection records, accessioning plant labels, researching plant nomenclature, and generating maps. I am also learning some new software like AutoCAD for generating a better version of the existing garden maps.

One thing I really enjoy about working at Reiman Gardens is being in a natural setting. I am a plant lady and being surrounded with lots and lots of plants all around brings out the positivity in me. Apart from labels and maps, I’m also learning a lot more about how to use plants in different environmental settings. Being a Landscape Architecture student, having knowledge about creating a strong perspective and generating spaces is very important, and Reiman Gardens provides me with the best opportunity to fulfill my work of interest.

If you see me out stalking plants, be sure to say hi.

-Richa Patel