Ross Curry – Learning from Others

Ross curry blog post

Nine weeks ago I started here at Reiman Gardens, and it seems like only half that time has passed. It has been a busy and fulfilling journey this far, and there’s still more to come. On the 18th, I attended the Outdoor Learning Environment Conference. I learned about school and camp environments along with backyard opportunities. I liked hearing about places similar but different from Reiman Gardens, along with how each program comes with unique implementation challenges, but also learning opportunities for both kids and program directors! Additionally, last Wednesday we visited other gardens as part of our Internship Education Session. I have never been to the Botanical Gardens in Des Moines, so I loved seeing some of the same core ideas, in a very different setting. One of my favorite things about being an Education Intern at the Gardens is the sheer diversity of experiences I’ve had here working with a similarly diverse group of people. We all have something in common, though—we all love the outdoors!

  • Ross Curry, Education Intern