Veronica Crump – Movement

close up of a blue butterfly with black and blue wings

Hi all, Veronica here one last time! For my last blog post of my summer internship I wanted to talk a little bit about the theme this year, Movement, and how it ties into my work in the Christina Reiman Butterfly Wing. The theme is evident all around the Gardens, whether it is in the kinetic sculptures, the movement of plants from wind or growth, or even in the butterfly house with the flutter of wings. It has been a lot of fun to be here during the year of Movement, and it has especially made me more appreciative and thoughtful when strolling through the Gardens or the Wing and Conservatory. I’ve enjoyed taking my time and taking in all the subtle movements of plants in the breeze, the sculptures spinning or twirling, changing vastly from different angles, or even taking a moment to sit down and watch all the butterflies float by. I encourage all guests to take a moment to sit down and observe the different movements of different butterfly species before they head out to enjoy the rest of the Gardens. If you haven’t had a chance to get in and see this year’s theme, I highly suggest you do—it’s breathtaking.

  • Veronica Crump, Entomology Intern