Matthew Hughes – Movement

suprise lilies at Reiman Gardens with pink flowers and green leaves

Things are really moving along, speeding ever closer to the end of summer, fall, and the start of school. Things are moving at the same pace here at Reiman Gardens. In addition to all of the moving sculptures, the plants themselves are moving. Many daylilies have faded, some annuals are rocketing to new heights, and some perennials have waited patiently through the summer to start to shine. One of my favorite plants has started to shine recently and is full of movement.

The surprise lily, has many names, and multiple active times through the year. Long, slender leaves similar to a daylily appear in the spring, and then die back. Then in late summer, tall stalks without leaves shoot up, and produce gorgeous flowers with shades of white and pink. See if you can spot them before they’re gone this year.

Thank you to all of the visitors, volunteers, contributors, and staff that have made this garden and internship a blast this summer.

  • Matthew Hughes