Richa Patel – About my Job

red flowers in a black container

Hello everyone, It’s Richa for one last time. This time I wanted to give you all an overview of what I do as a Plants Collection and Records Intern. Apart from the weekly Plants of Interest table, I also make new plant labels and accession tags, and research about different plants, generating maps and working on my leadership projects as well as a study of plant nomenclature, photography and AutoCAD are all a few things I do on daily basis.

This summer I came to Reiman Gardens keeping in mind one thought: I want to learn and educate people about different plant specimens. Plants of Interest table gave me the great opportunity to showcase all of my skills. I featured different plant specimens keeping in mind various Plant themes like Evergreens, Perennials, Colors and Prairie Grasses.

The Plants of Interest table is located right outside the Hughes Conservatory so be sure to check that out.

  • Richa Patel, Plants Collection and Records Intern