Ross Curry – Reflections about my Internship

intern blog post

Movement and growth are intertwined. Movement is most visible as we remember how things once were, even as we see the now. As this is my final blogpost, I want to focus on the movement and growth of myself from the beginning of this internship to these final weeks.

During a break in the day, I thought about that trip past the desk, down the hall, to a conference room. The nervous hope of growth, both professionally and personally. I was ecstatic when they called, wanting to hire me. I was so excited my roommate asked me if I was okay. It seems so long ago, when it’s only been three months.

My internship at Reiman Gardens has been great, and there’s no negating that. But I look back on it like one looks at a favored photo. Noticing the flaws, and liking it not in spite of them, but because of them.  There have been bumps along the way, due to my inexperience as well as circumstance, but this is real life, not some unreachable fantasy. I’ve gained experience for future jobs, working with people of all types in all conditions. I am thankful for the growth I’ve had moving through every day, and the people who’ve supported me though it all.

Ross Curry, Education Intern