A St. Patrick’s Day Tradition: Planting Peas and Potatoes

somebody gripping a pile of potatoes that have been recently pulled from the ground

St. Patrick’s Day is the traditional day to plant peas and potatoes in Ireland. Of course, weather is a large part of determining when to plant outdoors – and Ireland is almost 10°F warmer than us in mid-March – but that doesn’t mean that doesn’t mean this tradition is off limits. Both peas and potatoes can be started indoors.

Seed potatoes should be purchased from nurseries or greenhouses, not from the supermarket. Potatoes sold to be eaten are often sprayed with chemicals to prevent sprouting.

Potatoes need a container that allows for the roots to spread out and ease transplant shock. Containers should be at least 12” across at the top and have drainage holes. Peas are less particular, but should be given a stake to climb up as it grows.

Prepared by Lindsey Smith, Collections Curator