Natassja Reed – Education intern

two Reiman Gardens interns smiling

Hello! My name is Natassja Reed, and I am an education intern here at Reiman Gardens along with Ellen Loyd! We have had quite a busy six weeks so far this summer. We had our first big summer program that I was in charge of creating and leading, and it went very well. The students learned about the world of plants, and next week will be learning about the international holiday, Mud Day! Be prepared to be muddy and have a nice relaxing day!

With the upcoming weeks, I am working on the last two summer programs, and I am also working on my Water Day activity and my Independent Project. I’m hoping to get creative and be sure to reach out to a larger audience.

Giving education tours and leading programs has been an amazing experience and I am very glad to be a┬ápart of such a lovely┬ácommunity of educators and people that crave knowledge. Learning is a large part of Reiman Gardens’ mission and needless to say, I have gathered more information about gardens than I thought possible. I am excited to see the next few weeks pan out!

  • Natassja Reed – Animal Ecology, Education intern