Cassie Rosane – Glasshouse Display & Greenhouse Production

outdoors in summer with somebody walking at the Gardens with large storm clouds behind

During my internship in the greenhouse I have had opportunities to experience many different things. We have gone on field trips, worked in different areas of the Gardens and have had learning sessions.  Our most recent learning session, we had the opportunity to meet with the Events Coordinators, two women that are very knowledgeable about their jobs and had some fun stories to share. After meeting with the coordinators we headed to the outside gardens to look at some plants growing there and learn more specific things about them. This is something that we do every week so long as there is not something else going on.  We had just started going over the different types of grasses when the wind started picking up at a violent pace.  All of us rushed back into the main building just in time to stay out of the rain that came barreling down shortly after. Dry and safe we went over everything on “Plants of Interest” table before heading back to work. This is one memory I will keep with me, along with everything I have learned about greenhouse management, from my time spent here at Reiman Gardens.

  • Cassie Rosane – Glasshouse Display & Greenhouse Production