Natassja Reed, Education Intern

Youth education program with three smiling students covered in mud posing with a tearcher

I am one of the education interns here at Reiman Gardens, and Ellen and I have been up to some fun stuff! In the last few weeks we have had a regular tour schedule. We have a few a week. We have also just finished our second summer youth program for International Mud Day, and it was amazing! The kids really enjoyed themselves, and they have come back to visit with their families multiple times, pulling Ellen and me aside to talk to us. That has been super sweet of them to talk to us!

I have been doing the write-up for the last summer program, and I’m working on my independent project. My project is about wildlife education and environmental science. I am very excited to educate the public with hands-on activities, and it is offered to families to experience seasonal wildlife together. I am very passionate about wildlife and the environment, so this will be really fun for me!

Have a great summer!

  • Natassja Reed, Education Intern