Katie Mechelke – Outdoor Horticulture Intern

horticulture student watering plants

Hello! It’s Katie again, the outdoor horticulture intern. Summer is going fast; we only have three weeks left of summer. This blog is going to be a walk-through of a normal day for me out in the gardens. The morning starts out bright and early at 6:30 a.m. with a morning meeting about anything big happening. Following is meeting with our groups to find out the plans for the day. Then we head out to the gardens, I usually am watering plants, filling fountains and raking the gravel paths. After that it is tasks that are different every day. Which is exciting to learn from. Recently I helped lay sod down to help fix the Formal Lawn Garden’s dirt path, mulching in the Reflection Garden, and moving some blueberry shrubs from one area of the Home Production Garden to a different area. The other thing that has been helping a lot is turning on sprinklers on Hillside Garden and moving them around so they cover more area. The final things I do in a day are picking tools up, cleaning them and then putting them away.

  • Katie Mechelke