Garden Resolutions

graphic of Happy New Year 2020 with decorative florals

Happy New Year! It is a new decade and a new chance to make plans for the coming year’s garden.  Make a resolution now and start laying the groundwork for success. New Year’s Resolutions can be as big or small as you want, below are some ideas to consider.

  • Learn a new skill – If you’ve been curious about a topic or skill – like starting your own vegetable garden, or pruning trees, or what plants butterflies use as host plants – make a resolution to do research and try it out. Start small! Define your goal with simple statements like “I want to plant enough vegetables to make my own salsa.” Once you have a concise end goal for your skill, you can break the skill down into parts. In this example, you can decide what vegetables you need for salsa, how many plants you will need of each, and what your timeline should look like. You can take classes at Reiman Gardens or read articles online to get more information and resources for the skill.
  • Tackle a project – Start planning new projects now to get a head start on the season. Install a new garden bed or redesign an existing one, replace broken stone edgers or install a new stepping stone path, there are endless possibilities.
  • Keep it simple –Simple goals like mulching the front beds, trimming a hedge, or starting annual flower seeds can bring the most satisfaction. Do something new that can be completed in one day, but will affect the entire season.
  • Be intentional – Organic gardening and other environmental conscious behaviors can have a large impact on your garden practices. Try to find ways to cut back on pesticides or to reduce water waste.
  • Visit Public Gardens – Your membership at Reiman Gardens gives you free reciprocal admission to botanic gardens and arboreta all over the US. Use these visits to find design ideas, new and exciting plant cultivars, or just to enjoy the scenery. If you travel, look up which gardens participate by clicking here.

Happy Gardening in 2020!

Prepared by Lindsey Smith, Collections Curator