National Volunteer Week

group of volunteers raking outdoors in the early spring in bald cypress allee

What would we do without volunteers? We used to only theorize, but now we know the true answer: We would be sad and go crazy! We love and appreciate our volunteers so much, but we did not realize how much until they were gone.

It is pretty ironic that we began this month (April is Global Volunteer Month and National Volunteer Week is April 19-26, 2020) and will end it without seeing our volunteers at Reiman Gardens. While our horticulture and entomology staff continue to work onsite, with most of the rest of the staff working from home, it is just not the same without volunteers there with us. We realize how many things we used to take for granted: a smile, a chat around a cup of coffee, an extra set of hands. Those little things are so important to us.

We can never thank our volunteers enough for their valuable and vital contributions. Because of them, we are able to not only meet our mission, but to also go above and beyond to provide thoughtful, educational, and enriching experiences for our guests. Volunteers make a lasting impact on Reiman Gardens, our community, and especially our staff.

We miss them all. Reiman Gardens is just not the same without them.

-Taylor Woodcock, Volunteer Coordinator