Meet the Education Intern: Annika Koppes

enotmology intern posing with a moth in the butterfly wing

Hello! My name is Annika Koppes, and I am the education intern here at Reiman Gardens! I am currently a senior at Iowa State University majoring in Agriculture and Life Science Education! I was so excited to join the staff here at Reiman Gardens; this is a great learning experience for myself with informal education. These first couple of weeks have been a little crazy, but we are finally getting things figured out. We are also so excited to finally be seeing our gardens full of people! Now that you can come to us, we want to reach out to you via our programs! We have an online version of Caterpillar Club on YouTube! All you have to do is search “Reiman Gardens” and our Caterpillar Club videos will pop up! Also, stay tuned because Plant Pals/Junior Master Gardeners Club will shortly be on a screen near you!