Meet the Retail Management Intern: Jesse Howard

intern smiling outside of the Minneapolis gift shop mart

Hello! My name is Jesse Howard and I am the Retail Management Intern at the Reiman Gardens Gift Shop. I am going into my junior year at Iowa State in Apparel Merchandising. So far, I have learned so much during this crazy time. Even though the Gift Shop is still closed, the retail world does not stop for anything. I have learned so much about retail from my supervisor, and I have had a very positive experience so far. This past week, my supervisor and I went to Market in Minneapolis. Market is a huge place where vendors sell their merchandise for buyers to carry in their store. Visiting Market was such a great learning experience for me because I am interested in becoming a buyer in my future career. It was great to talk to different vendors and sales representatives. At Market, we did not end up buying anything new for the store, but we saw a lot of products that are similar to the buying project I have come up with to add to the Gift Shop. I am excited to keep learning more throughout my internship and hopefully opening up to the public soon.

By Jesse Howard