Meet Anna Smith the Glasshouse Display & Greenhouse Production Intern

close up of an orange and red flower

Hello! I am Anna Smith, and this summer I am working in the indoor horticulture department as a glasshouse display and greenhouse production intern. I just finished my sophomore year at Iowa State University. In the 20 years of my life, all my jobs before this one has not been as related to my interests as a biology major.

I love to learn and explore the natural world and working around plants all summer is something I am very excited about. As an indoor horticulture student, I work closely with all the plants, watering them daily, pinching them, scouting them for pests, and other daily plant maintenance. As well as working in my own intern position,

I will also get experience in all the other intern areas. This will be a great opportunity for me to explore my interests further. I am excited to spend my summer learning more and expanding on what I have learned throughout school so far! Reiman Gardens seems like the right place to do just that!