Meet Dillan Patel the Garden & Landscape Maintenance Intern

indoor tropical plant Conservatory in summer with red flowers

There is an old Chewa proverb in my country that inspires me every day: “Tikufuna kupatsira ana athu zinthu ziwiri. Choyamba ndi mizu, inayo ndi mapiko.” Translated, it means, “We desire to give two things to our children. The first one is roots, the other is wings.” My name is Dillan Patel, and I am one of the Garden & Landscape Maintenance interns for the summer. I am an international student from Malawi, and I will be a senior in Landscape Architecture in the 2021 Fall semester.

I had no experience in gardening or horticulture, so I applied for this position to gain the necessary skills in this area where I am lacking to become a better Landscape Architect. I also wanted to get some fresh air in contrast to being in my apartment for a whole year attending online classes. I want to gain an extensive knowledge of plants and their upkeep, develop horticultural skills, and have a good time interacting with people to spread positivity and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere while they visit Reiman Gardens. One day I hope to create opportunities like this for the children of my country and help them prosper to new heights.