Meet Logan Metzger the Education Intern

close up of a planted container with pink flowers

Hi everyone, my name is Logan Metzger (he/him/his), and I am the Education Intern here at Reiman Gardens. Outside of this organization I am also the Summer 2021 Editor in Chief for the Iowa State Daily and I will be entering my fourth year as an English Education major at Iowa State University.

I wanted to join the Reiman Gardens’ Internship Program because it had many components that interested me. The main component was the fact that I would be able to learn about and work around plants all day long.

Then of course there were the education components. Working with the Education Manager Sara Merritt I get to not only plan and design education programs, but I also get to lead them! One of the programs I will be leading this summer is called Plant Pals, and I am so excited to get started with it on June 1!

The other thing I am excited about is this project called Reiman Reflections, which will end up being a collection of poetry, prose, and artwork created by Reiman Gardens visitors and inspired either by nature or by the gardens themselves. So, if you are interested in this project contact the education team at