Education Intern’s Leadership Project

outdoors during spring with a large metal white origami sculpture and a campanile

Hey everyone, this is Logan and today I will be explaining my Leadership Project to you!

I have two big interests in life: writing and teaching, so as a way to fulfill both of those interests and also complete my leadership project I decided to design and then eventually teach a creative writing class here at Reiman Gardens.

This class is called “Building a World through Creative Writing” and will take place in August. It is a series featuring three different class periods across three weeks. This class is meant to be an introduction into world building and teach those who attend how to use creative writing to build a world themselves.

The first class will be a basic introduction to what creative writing and world building is.

The second class will focus on the environmental aspects of creative writing. That includes plants, animals, weather, and building ecosystems. Because I work at a public garden I really wanted to highlight the environment through this class.

The third class will focus on all the other things needed for world building. It will focus on all the stuff that isn’t nature. So the civilizations, the technology, the history, the peoples.

If learning about creative writing and world building is something you’re interested in, then I hope to see you in my class in August!