Meet Abigail Enos the Glasshouse Display & Greenhouse Production Intern

wide shot of an indoor tropical plant conservatory with green plants

Hi! My name is Abigail Enos, and I am a sophomore at ISU in horticulture. I am one of the Glasshouse Display & Greenhouse Production, which means I work in the greenhouse and Hughes Conservatory. I chose to intern at Reiman Gardens because I thought it would be a cool experience, and a great item on my resume. It was also close to where I was going to be living, and easily accessible to me. I applied for the indoor portion because I am specializing in greenhouse production in the horticulture program at ISU, so this would give me valuable experience in the field. I hope to get into the greenhouse production industry, so having a well-known name like Reiman Gardens is an advantage. My duties at Reiman Gardens are not particularly interesting. I do a lot of watering, which is rather tedious, but I enjoy it because I get to have an earbud in. (I have listened to 79 hours of audiobooks since May 12th.) I’d say my favorite part of my internship so far has been coming in the morning and seeing the sunrise in the Conservatory. I have attached a picture, but it really doesn’t do it justice.