Meet Colton Trecker the Exhibits Intern

This intern project is for the holida light show with red, blue and yellow streams of colors

My name is Colton Trecker, and I am an Exhibits Intern at Reiman Gardens. My major is Industrial Design with a focus on user experience. So far though, during my first few weeks here I have been working on a light show exhibit for the Winter Wonderscape holiday light show. The exhibit will consist of plastic rods being lit up by a base light to mimic colorful grasses. My experience so far has been good, and I have been given first-hand experience with what it is like to create something for a client.

If someone is interested in designing and creating exhibits for gardens, museums, attractions, etc. then industrial design is the major you should think about selecting. One of the routes in the major focuses on learning how to create things that make people say “WOW” and how to teach and excite people through your creations.

Here is a picture of our small rough model for the exhibit.