Meet Emmalynn Rossmiller the Entomology Intern

entomology intern with a huge insect on her arm

Hi! My name is Emmalynn Rossmiller, and I have worked at Reiman Gardens as an Entomology Assistant for almost a year and a half. In my time here I have worked with 127 species of butterflies and moths and an additional 48 species of other arthropods. Although our flight house is something to marvel at, most of my work is done in the lab. While our visitors and volunteers watch the butterflies, most of my day is spent with the walking sticks and beetles. 

My big project this summer is to write a paper about the research I’ve been conducting with our jade-headed buffalo beetle colony over the past year. Later this summer the paper will be submitted for presentation at the Invertebrates in Education and Conservation Conference. 

So, the next time you visit the Butterfly Wing, ask the attendant about some of our other invertebrates on display or ask for me, I’d love to chat with you about them!

Photo caption: Australian Spiny Walking Stick (Extatosoma tiaratum)