Anna Smith’s Leadership Project

wide shot of a tropiical plant conservatory in summer with red and yellow flowers

Every day I work in the Conservatory as part of the glasshouse display aspect of my internship. Right now, the theme in the Conservatory is mandala. I worked with volunteers and the Glasshouse Horticulturists to redesign and replant the whole Conservatory at the end of May. I am usually the person to water in the glasshouse each morning and to keep the area looking put together, and oh my, it is such a lovely experience. The whole point of the mandala idea is to give a sense of peace. Our hopes were for every person to visit the Conservatory in a reflective manner. Indeed, the environment is that of peace and quiet. Especially in the early morning hours, it is quite serene. This ties in with the core values of Reiman Gardens as being a place that enchants and inspires. It draws you into the beauty of the natural world and allows for a meditative state of mind. This design will be replaced again in late August, so be sure to check it out and engulf yourself in the beauty before it is gone!

Peace and love,
Anna Smith