Caitlynn Slaymaker’s Leadership Project

outdoors during summer with a line of trees

Hello! It’s Caitlynn again! Today I’m going to talk a little bit about my project. For my project I am making technical sheets for all of our event and ceremony spaces at Reiman Gardens! These sheets will show standard diagrams for each event space along with an image of the room set to standard. I will also show other typical room layouts. Along with this it will also have information about how many outlets are available, costs to rent the room, typical add on costs, and AV information! The ceremony locations will also have information about seating, cost, and outlets as well. Along with this it will include some more specifics about different ways we can set up chairs in the different ceremony spots. These sheets will be a quick and easy way to find any information we need about event spaces and ceremony locations.

Caitlynn Slaymaker, Events Intern