Dillan Patel’s Leadership Project

map of the Conservatory

Hello, this is Dillan checking in, and I wanted to talk about my internship project for the summer. Since I am a Landscape Architecture major, I have gotten the opportunity to design a sensory path on an undeveloped slope in the Children’s Garden that specially caters to the curious nature of kids. After coming up with a few sketches, maps, rough calculations, and a well thought out plant list, I will be able to transition to digital models like AutoCAD and SketchUp to create accurate maps and 3D models. The new path will feature different paving materials to encourage people to take off their shoes and experience walking on different textures and plants that engage the various senses when traveling through the area. I want to encourage kids to do things that they are normally discouraged from doing like eating random things near them by planting edible flowers and fruiting plants as well as touching fuzzy plants and shaking them to create different sounds. There will be seasonal transitions in the different plants in the area to always have something new to draw people.