Daily Life Lately for the Outdoor Landscape and Horticulture Intern

outdoors during summer with two containers with plants, and a water feature with an architecural feautre

Hello, Makenna again! A typical day as an Outdoor Landscape and Horticulture Intern starts off bright and early at 6:30 a.m. As rough as that may sound, waking up that early is very practical, especially to get stuff done in the mornings before it gets too hot. Our main duties include cleaning the filters in the Jones Rose Garden fountain, taking out the trash, watering plants, and blowing pathways with a blower. Typically, another big aspect of our mornings is to include a “main project” of the day (or days in some cases). Some bigger projects that have taken place are pruning the wisteria, mulching the sign bed, or Mondays working with our wonderful volunteers. Lunch around noon and when we get back finishing off the day with smaller tasks while trying to stay in the shade like weeding or deadheading the roses.

By Makenna Blackford