Reflecting back on the summer

four horticulture staff and one intern smiling outside during summer

This was my first job ever. Before this it was a mixture of volunteering at school and the community and assisting my dad with small tasks at his company. I came to Reiman Gardens to get some fresh air after almost two years of staying indoors and learning more about plants, since I grew up without much exposure to plants and gardening while living in an apartment in the capital of my country. It has been very exciting learning landscaping techniques, observing plants as they transition from spring to summer and soon to the fall, meeting and working with new people, and getting some much-needed exercise working outside in the Gardens. I was the only international student here this summer so hopefully others like me are encouraged to experience the internship program over the coming years. It has truly been one of the best summers of my life, and I feel very energetic, ready to go back to class with joy and wonderous zeal, excited to share what I learned with my friends in the Landscape Architecture department.

By Dillan Patel