Meet Brianna Martinez, Volunteer Program Intern

Brianna Martinez, Volunteer Program Intern

I’ve been working at Reiman Gardens for three weeks now. I had no idea getting volunteers was so complicated. I assumed you would just put up a flyer, and then people would help you when you want, but it takes way more than that.  

I’ve been working on some of the plans for pumpkin carving for Spirits in the Gardens, and there is a lot to do. I’ve been finding people to contact and reach out to see if they are interested, assigning group time slots, making instructions for carving, and stenciling for people who don’t speak English, and writing the survey for pumpkin volunteers.  

I have also had the opportunity to work in the Butterfly Wing, help set up the Garden Quilt Show, work with the Plant A Row volunteers, and help the pot washing volunteers. It’s been nice to experience what our volunteers do for us and work with them and hear their perspectives on things. I feel like it’s really important to know exactly what our volunteers do for us, so I’m happy I had that chance.  

Looking forward, I am excited to see how pumpkin stenciling & carving goes, learn how to set up for events like this, and learn more about interacting with volunteers at events like this.