Volunteer Spotlight: Libby M.

While many of our volunteers are folks well into (or already finished with!) their careers, we have a few dedicated young people who also pitch in with their time and boundless energy to make Reiman Gardens a welcoming, beautiful respite for our community. In May 2022, Libby M. enthusiastically joined our volunteer ranks. Libby’s enthusiasm and sweet disposition create a warm environment whether she’s docenting in the butterfly wing, leading a youth tour, or pitching in at our exciting events. Libby is a psychology major at ISU, maintains a job off-campus, and (as far as I’ve seen), never stops smiling. Make sure to say hi the next time you see her!

Linda W., volunteer since 2020

A young woman smiles into the camera. She wears pigtails and looks very happy.

Why did you first decide to volunteer at Reiman Gardens?

I wanted to volunteer at Reiman Gardens to become more involved with the community and see how I could help with an organization like this. The first time I came to Reiman Gardens was for the Holiday show, and it was beautiful. I wanted to learn more about Reiman.

Why do you continue to volunteer here?

I continue volunteering at Reiman Gardens because I love connecting with others and learning more about nature. I love seeing faces who come through the Butterfly wing with amazement and seeing how relaxing it can be for others. I love connecting with others, either talking to people in the butterfly wing or working with kids to create some art and guiding them with that process.

What types of volunteering have you tried, and what are your favorite volunteering opportunities?

I have volunteered in the butterfly wing, at events such as Pollinator fest and Garden Art Show, helped put plants in the conservatory, and done children’s tours. My favorite opportunities are volunteering in the Butterfly Wing, doing arts and crafts with kids, and doing children’s tours.

What do you do for fun when you aren’t at Reiman Gardens?

I like to crochet and cook for fun when I’m not at Reiman Garden. I love to bake goodies and try new recipes. I also like watching TV and hanging out with my boyfriend and my three cats.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Volunteering with Reiman Gardens has been a great experience so far. I have really enjoyed the variety of activities I can try out. I love how welcoming people have been to new people like me and how other volunteers and staff are willing to show me how to do activities I haven’t done. I think that volunteering here has helped me enjoy life more and has helped me see that not only people in natural science majors or interests can help out here!

Thank you to Libby and all of our volunteers! If you’d like more information about volunteering as a photographer or for any of our other volunteer opportunities, learn more here.