What do we do with the dead butterflies and moths

Butterfly wings in boxes entomology tripoint

Death as we all know is part of the life cycle for all creatures.  Everyone is always curious about what happens to all of our butterflies when they die.  Picking up the dead is part of our daily routine in the lab.  On average 20-25 butterflies are picked up each morning.  They are collected in a sealed container, counted and then placed in the freezer for 72 hours.  After that the butterflies are sorted depending on their bodies and wing conditions.  If they still have all body parts and wings intact they will be pinned and saved as specimens.  If the whole individual is not in good condition but perhaps one of their wings is, the individual wings are saved and used for educational purposes.  If the butterflies do not meet either of these categories they will be taken to the incinerator with the rest of the lab waste.