Iowa Butterfly Survey Network

Home of the Iowa Butterfly Survey Network

The Iowa Butterfly Survey Network (IBSN) is located at Reiman Gardens with the ultimate goal of educating Iowans about butterflies, while at the same time encourage people to take an active role in conservation. To that end IBSN conducts research using volunteer citizen scientists of all skill levels to collect data for yearly population surveys of butterfly species in the state of Iowa. Volunteers are trained in survey techniques specifically developed for butterflies.

Of the 122 species of butterflies believed to live in Iowa, more than one fourth are listed as endangered, threatened or of special concern” making their long-term survival is questionable in the state.

The IBSN uses both citizen scientists and conservation professionals to monitor and survey habitat areas for butterfly populations. ISBN data gives a baseline data for researchers on existing populations and their range, identify potential threats, identify beneficial or potentially harmful land management practices, show effectiveness of habitat restoration efforts, and give an annual snapshot of the health of all butterfly populations in Iowa.

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