Unified Butterfly Recorder app

Unified Butterfly Recorder (UBR) app in field Butterfly with someone using it on a smart phone

Unified Butterfly Recorder (UBR) is an Android app that provides butterfly researchers and enthusiasts with a tool to use in the field to efficiently record butterfly sighting data. It was designed by a group of computer engineering students as part of a senior design class at Iowa State University in collaboration with the Entomology staff at Reiman Gardens.  The purpose of the app is to allow the user a quick and efficient method to collect data across a variety of survey protocols traditionally used by researchers and citizen scientists in the field.  Along with the user-entered data the app utilizes the device to automatically collect additional information such as weather, location, speed and time. Global-regional species lists are built into the app, but UBR is also capable of utilizing custom list created by the user.  Users can also take photos of specimens to include with records.  By collecting a super-set of data, both user-entered and automatically-captured, it will produce content which should greatly enhance our understanding of butterfly populations.  UBR is a collection tool; Reiman Gardens is seeking partners which are traditional repositories for population data, to receive data collected from users of the app.

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Written instruction for the current version of UBR can be downloaded by clicking here.

Unified Butterfly Recorder was created by students in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Iowa State University.

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Additional UBR resources and instructions can be found by clicking here.