Memorial Gifts

Reiman Gardens offers the following options to pay tribute to a loved one:

  •  All memorial gifts, unless otherwise designated, will support the Gardens’ fund for excellence (plants, flowers, and butterflies). Memorial donations of all sizes are appreciated and will be noted in the annual report (excluding the amount of the memorial).

You may also make an online donation in memory of a loved one to Reiman Gardens Memorial and Honorary Gifts Fund. CLICK HERE to make a donation online.

  • Dancing chimes plaza pavers (12 x 12) are a lasting tribute to a loved one. The pavers are placed around the Supple Courtyard in the CoHorts’ Dancing Chimes Plaza. A personalized message can be engraved but words are limited by paver size. For an additional gift of $350, you may receive a duplicate copy of your paver to take home with you. Because these pavers are individually crafted they require ample time for artisans to create, receive final approval from the family and then be kiln-fired. This process often takes several months to complete.
    CLICK HERE to download a form. Minimum gift for a paver is $1,500


  • A memorial garden bench allows guests to reflect and enjoy the lovely surroundings. Tributes are attached to a plaque that remains on the bench for a minimum of ten years. After ten years, the family has the option of commemorating a new bench at the future price (inflation and other circumstances may change the size of gift) or the plaque may be returned to the family. The plaque measures 3” x 4.” Minimum gift to commemorate a bench is $5,000 (for ten years).
  • A “Named Endowed Fund” is often created by individuals or families to honor a loved one or their family. Once the fund is created, all subsequent gifts may be added to it in future years. The fund may be specified to support a particular program, garden area or remain unrestricted. If the fund is used to finance a garden project, the amount necessary includes the cost of the project plus the amount needed to endow that project. Endowment amounts will vary according to complexity of the project and can be determined prior to establishing the fund. Minimum gift to create a named fund is $50,000 (payable outright or over five years).

Thank you for thinking of the Gardens when paying tribute to your loved one.

We sincerely appreciate your support!