For Gardeners

Container Garden at Reiman Gardens in summer

Supporting the Greater Gardening Community

Much of the enjoyment of gardening comes from sharing the passion of plants with others. Reiman Gardens offers opportunities to help gardeners deepen their knowledge, expertise and love of gardening and create community with fellow gardeners. Check our event schedule here. (link to calendar or events).

Iowa State University’s Extension Service has an abundance of information for gardeners of all experience, and also coordinates the Iowa Master Gardener program.

Monitoring growing degree days can help predict plant and insect development and help you more effectively combat pest and disease problems. Monitor growing degree data gives you a better idea of when to start looking for or treating certain problems such as, Japanese beetle adults feeding on roses or grubs feeding on turf. Wikipedia has some good information on calculating growing degrees and plant response. The Iowa Environmental Mesonet from Iowa State University Agronomy tracks growing degree data from around the state.