Rain Barrels and Rain Garden

Inspiring Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability

Reiman Gardens has always championed the sustainable use of resources including air, water and soil.

In 2006, Reiman Gardens marked a new era of stewardship advocacy by amending its mission statement to include environmental stewardship as one of its priorities. The Gardens continues to review and implement sustainable practices, both in its approach to planting and growing as well its daily operations and functions.

  • Reiman Gardens uses integrated pest management protocols that use cultural (changes in plant practices), mechanical (manual removal), and biological (other insects) measures of controlling pests and diseases before resorting to chemical treatments.
  • The Gardens is also studying new technology to save energy including the possible use of green roofs, geothermal, wind and solar energy sources, zero food waste dining options, and responsible storm water retention and disposal practices.

Join the Sustainable Movement — Visit Reiman Gardens soon to learn more about sustainable practices used on site which you can bring home such as composting, rain gardens and rain barrels. Visit Rainbird to learn more about sustainable water practices in your home garden. It is also important to select low irrigation, native plant species for your home garden.

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