Au Naturale: Landscaping with Native Plants

Walk-ins welcome!

Thursday, July 27, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

It is easy for gardeners to get so caught up in the excitement of ornamental flowers that they forget the value of outstanding native trees and shrubs. With recent concerns about invasive species, pests and diseases, and a growing interest in attracting wildlife and insects, many homeowners and landscapers are looking to natives to either incorporate with ornamentals or create entirely naturalistic landscapes. However, cultural conditions of the modern home site may have been altered in such a way as to prevent the same healthy growth these species would find in natural sites. Ed Lyon will address such questions as why paperbark birch is a “suicide tree”, why sugar maples fail to thrive in the urban lot, just how serious the toxicity from black walnuts can be, how well natives work in the urban landscape, which native plants can still be invasive, and many other specifics – providing solutions as well! Preregistration with prepayment is required by Tuesday, July 25.

$12 Members
$15 General Public
$10.20 ISU Students