Butterfly Blizzard (register for total # of butterflies below)

close up Blue Morpho Butterfly with blue wings with black edges on a pink flower

Saturday, December 7 anytime between 8:00 and 9:30 a.m.
There is another opportunity for Butterfly Blizzard on December 21.

Come in from the cold to experience a different kind of blizzard – a butterfly blizzard in Reiman Gardens’ Christina Reiman Butterfly Wing! Take advantage of this rare opportunity to release your very own butterfly, just-emerged from its chrysalis, and waiting in a container for its first flight in the Butterfly Wing. An amazing nature moment for young and old alike! While here, partake in fun, themed crafts and sip hot cocoa.

Participants must preregister with prepayment by December 2 or WHILE SUPPLIES LAST (80 butterflies)!

Price does not include admission to the Gardens.

$5 - 1 Butterfly
$9 - 2 Butterflies
$13 - 3 Butterflies
$3 FOR EACH additional Butterfly

Registration full.