Day of Insects Workshop: BLOCK 2

close up of a caterpillar with brown and yellow markings on a green background

Friday, March 23, 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.

The following options are available for BLOCK 2:

“A Speedy Look at Iowa's Snails" presented by Harlan Ratcliff
This workshop will be looking at terrestrial and freshwater snails of Iowa, and what information is available to study them. We will look at the anatomy of snails, and how they compare to other mollusks. I will have some snail shells and we will attempt to use keys to identify them to species. We will also see the premiere of a short movie called Lord of the Ring. (Since the budget was somewhat limited, "ring" is singular. We couldn't afford "Lord of the Rings.")

“Advanced BugGuide” presented by John VanDyk, Iowa State University
This workshop is for experienced BugGuiders or those who want to learn about the full power of BugGuide. Find out how to access BugGuide's API (application programming interface), machine learning, how to put a feed of recently submitted BugGuide images on your website, exporting BugGuide data, and other advanced topics.  Note: This session is off-site; transportation provided.

$10 Workshop