Mindfully Balanced: Community-Based Mindfulness Meditations for Connecting to Our Natural Environment and Our Natural Selves

two people meditating on a lawn

8-week course: Sundays beginning July 11 - August 15, 4:30 - 5:15 PM, AND Sundays August 22-29, 4:30 - 6:00 PM

Presented by neuroscientist, certified mindfulness instructor, and Reiman Gardens Science Communication Fellow Crystal Jewell, this 8-week course takes an integrative mind and body approach based on both science, such as the gut-brain connection, and historical practices, such as the universal and ancient practice of community-led drum circles.

Each meditation class will include teachings on the technique’s unique historical and scientific background. Every class is different, and though each one builds off of the previous session, folks can register for the series or for separate programs to suit individual needs. The goal of Mindfully Balanced is to build a strong and healthy connection to yourself, your environment, and your community by increasing attention and decreasing stress. Come as you are, everyone is welcome.

Register at a discounted price for the series to receive cumulative benefits from successive classes, along with a pre-meditation program you can do at home up to two weeks before classes begin. Please dress in non-restrictive clothing and bring a yoga mat/blanket and pillow/cushion to each class.

SERIES PRICE: $35 Members & ISU Students / $100 General Public

Class sessions:
Jul 11: Mindfulness Meditation: Seated (Part 1)
Jul 18: Mindfulness Meditation: Seated (Part 2)
Jul 25: Mindfulness Meditation: Standing
Aug 1: Mindfulness Meditation: Walking (Part 1)
Aug 8: Mindfulness Meditation: Walking (Part 2)
Aug 15: Mindfulness Meditation: Walking (Part 3)
Aug 22: Mindfulness Meditation: Sonic Sitting
Aug 29: Mindfulness Meditation: Sonic Movement