Mindfully Balanced: Mindfulness Meditation: Walking (Part 3)

set of feet with fall leaves on the ground

Sunday, August 15, 4:30 - 5:15 PM

Join neuroscientist and certified mindfulness instructor Crystal Jewell for a walking meditation (part 3 of 3). Learn how to meditate while walking using controlled breathing, body scanning, and indigenous walking techniques. This class will spend an equal amount of time walking as in part 2. Part 3 of the walking meditation series will begin in the Cohort Pattern Garden and continue into the DeeAnn Drew Shade Garden.

Please dress in non-restrictive clothing and bring a yoga mat/blanket and pillow/cushion to class. Suggested pre-meditation preparation: starting 1-2 days before (longer if able), aim to eat as fresh as possible. Registration with pre-payment is required by Thursday, August 12.

$5 Members & ISU Students
$15 General Public