Photography: All Things Water


4 weeks beginning Wednesday, September 5, 6:00 – 8:30 p.m.

NEW CLASS! It can be very difficult to capture great images of water--rivers, lakes, oceans, beaches, waterfalls, pools, sprinklers, rain, mist/fog, stuff in water (fish tanks, koi ponds), stuff near water (geese, ducks), water in stuff (liquids or ice cubes in a glass), reflections in water, etc. It is particularly challenging to manage the light and shadows, to capture movement without the blur (i.e., waterfalls, rivers), and to find the right angle to make the photo interesting (especially with large water bodies like lakes and oceans). Learn the proper tips and techniques from beloved photo instructor Mark Stoltenberg to improve your images of “all things water!”

You will need to bring the following to each class: your DSLR camera and sturdy tripod. PREREQUISITE: Beginner Photography or instructor permission. Registration with pre-payment is required by Monday, September 3.

$90 Members
$112.50 General Public
$76.50 ISU Students