2021: Patterns Unfolding with “OrigamiintheGarden²”

“Patterns Unfolding” is Reiman Gardens’ 2021 theme.


In 2021 we take time to reflect, connect, and celebrate what ties us to nature, and to each other.  In spring we welcome blossoming bulbs and the sculpture exhibit “OrigamiintheGarden²,” both representing a labor of love, patience, and the power of the human spirit.  Like origami, nature folds and unfolds in breathtaking ways.  From planting schedules and natural cycles to balance in form and structure, you’ll see universal patterns reflected in our garden displays and mesmerizing holiday lights.  The living earth repeats its many shapes in all colors and shades. It gives us healing herbs and a sense of peace we hope to share as you seek respite and enjoyment in tranquil places and programs we’ve cultivated for you this year.


Origami Art in the Garden Room Gallery

Check out these two exhibits on display together in the Garden Room Gallery:

Folding Cranes, Enfolding Community – Pamela S. Douglas
September 23 – December 8, 2021

This traveling exhibit features more than 6,000 individually folded paper cranes, and serves as an Iowa COVID-19 Memorial to all Iowans who have tragically died from this virus since March 24, 2020.  The exhibit displays cascading strands of paper cranes, and offers an opportunity for Ames and its surrounding communities to come together as we reflect upon Iowa’s pandemic experience.   For more information about the artist and exhibit, visit https://www.pamelasdouglas.com

Origami Unfolded – Nathan Brockman & Sara Merritt
Through January 2, 2022

Origami is a process that begins with paper folded in specific ways to achieve 3-dimensional effects.  This exhibit features familiar forms like the paper crane and butterfly, unfolded and mounted to show the crease patterns that serve as a sort of map to the 3D shape.  Each piece begins with a base fold – common starting folds that make other folding possible.  Each completed form is displayed in a box at the start of the exhibit.