2021: “Patterns Unfolding”

“Patterns Unfolding” is Reiman Gardens’ 2021 theme.


Photo caption: “Botanical Peace 2” by Kevin Box 

In 2021 we take time to reflect, connect, and celebrate what ties us to nature, and to each other.  In spring we welcome blossoming bulbs and sculpture exhibit “OrigamiintheGarden²,” both representing a labor of love, patience, and the power of the human spirit.  Like origami, nature folds and unfolds in breathtaking ways.  From planting schedules and natural cycles to balance in form and structure, you’ll see universal patterns reflected in our garden displays and mesmerizing holiday lights.  The living earth repeats its many shapes in all colors and shades. It gives us healing herbs and a sense of peace we hope to share as you seek respite and enjoyment in tranquil places and programs we’ve cultivated for you this year.   

"White Bison" by Kevin Box

“White Bison” by Kevin Box

“OrigamiintheGarden²” sculpture exhibit

“When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.”   – 
Tuli Kupferberg 

Paper is a sacred material.  Derived almost exclusively from plants, it helps us record and share our histories, create works of art, and upon our faces it can even help to keep each other safe. This large-scale origami exhibit was created by Santa Fe artists Jennifer and Kevin Box in collaboration with renowned origamists Robert J. Lang, Michael G. LaFosse, Te Jui Fu, and Beth Johnson.  

“Painted Ponies” by Kevin Box

Capturing the delicate nature of the paper art form in museum-quality metal, each piece transcends the temporary to become archival – rich and lasting, like stories we tell across cultures and time.  Practicing origami requires persistence and an understanding of the process, packed with precise angles and folds often unfolded to create new pathways.  The emerging patterns surprise and inspire, while finished forms offer fresh perspective and a space for contemplation.