2023 theme: Light and Reflection

The 2023 theme is Light and Reflection.


The result of a reflection is never a carbon copy, but something that is transformed in the process, like an image in a body of water or the exchange of information. Color and light, along with actions, thoughts, and behaviors are all altered by the act of bending or looking back. In 2023, explore garden displays, education programs, events, and exhibits revealing the power of light and reflection in nature. Examine how plants can help us find solutions to a changing climate while you see yourself in herbs, delight in floral kaleidoscopes and an edible rainbow, look through rose (and other) colored glass, and help us celebrate the movement of light through the seasons.


Art Exhibit: Glass in Flight

Throughout Reiman Gardens
April 15 – October 8 

Composed of iridescent exoskeletons and translucent wings, the giant insects of Glass in Flight have been replicated in luminous steel and dalle de verre glass by artist Alex Heveri. These amazingly life-like sculptures showcase an array of beneficial insects and pollinators including beetles, bees, dragonflies, and butterflies. The interaction of sunlight and the beautiful colored glass in these 20 pieces highlights the brilliant connectedness of light to plants, insects, the environment, and even us humans. How is light connected to you? Come witness the way light reflects on the beauty of the gardens gleaming with glass.

  • Dalle de verre is a glass art technique using colored glass set in a matrix of supporting materials that became prominent in the mid-20th The edges of the pieces may be chipped or faceted to increase the effects of refraction and reflection, while the thickness of the glass produces deeper colors through illumination than traditional stained glass.



Display: Dawn of a New Day

Hughes Conservatory
January 14 – May 2

The dawn of a new day (and year) is upon us. The first rays of sun light up the earth a ribbon at a time. A symbol of new beginnings, a chapter waiting to be written. As 2023 begins, think of all the new things to discover, adventures to be had, questions to be asked, and lessons to be learned. Let each day this year be a reminder that it is never too late: to take that first step, to turn a new leaf, to follow your heart. What will this new year bring for you? What are you looking forward to?