Call for Artists for Display in the Garden Room Gallery

Indoors in the Garden Room at Reiman Gardens with tables, chairs and art on the walls

Garden Room Gallery – A Community Art Space


Open to all artists or Iowa State University students 18 and over. You are invited to submit five (5) digital images representing up to twenty (20) original works of art for display in the Garden Room Gallery at Reiman Gardens. Solo and group exhibitions permitted. Open to 2D media only (with some exceptions for mixed media/3D work conforming to size/weight guidelines). Only online entries with digitally submitted images will be accepted. Digital entries will be accepted on a rolling basis for exhibition during one of three seasonal displays. Notification will be made via email to accepted artists. Please keep a copy of this prospectus for dates and contact information.

The Garden Room Gallery is open to bodies of work which exemplify Reiman Gardens’ mission to “educate, enchant, and inspire an appreciation of plants, butterflies, and the beauty of the natural world.” Work which relates to our “theme year” will also be considered.  Annual themes with related outdoor exhibit information can be found at

Digital entries will be accepted on a rolling basis for one of four seasonal display terms:

  • Winter: January – February
  • Summer: May – August 
  • Fall: September – December

Artwork delivery: All accepted artwork must be delivered and hung by the artist, or a designee.  Any installation requiring a ladder must be coordinated and installed by staff.

Walk-in delivery: must be arranged with Reiman Gardens’ staff during open hours within the week between display terms

Shows open: the first day of the display term.

Optional Education Programs: The artist(s) may work with Reiman Gardens’ staff to present one or more education programs, but this is not required. Available days are Monday – Friday, and depend on space availability.

Shows close: the last day of the display term.

Artwork pick-up: must be arranged with Reiman Gardens’ staff during open hours within one week after display term close – all artwork MUST be picked up by the artist or a pre-determined designee.

There is no fee to exhibit artwork at Reiman Gardens. Upon acceptance and installation of artwork, any damage incurred to walls and/or display system during exhibition will incur further fees.

The Garden Room Gallery consists of 10 flat wall spaces, separated by wood trim. Work MUST be prepared for hanging with secure picture wire, as it will be suspended from a cable display system. Work must be clean and presentable for a professional setting as determined by staff on review.  At no point may additional hardware or tape of any kind be attached to the walls or any part of the Garden Room for works on display.  Staff are available to assist with finding creative solutions to display work optimally with existing hardware, if needed.

Work may not exceed 40″ in height or width, including frame; total weight, with frame, cannot exceed 25 pounds. Waivers can be requested and may or may not be granted.

The Garden Room Gallery is a multi-use public space; as such, it is open to the public at all times during open hours unless it has been reserved for a private rental, meeting, education program, or other event.  Every effort will be made to ensure the safety of any art on display, and the room is under video surveillance, but Reiman Gardens does not provide security for this space.  We can only receive and exhibit art at Reiman Gardens on condition that neither ISU, Reiman Gardens, nor its staff shall be liable for any loss or damage to works of art, howsoever caused, which could occur while they are on display at Reiman Gardens.

Digital entries ONLY. CLICK HERE to fill out an application to submit artwork for consideration.

  • Please adhere to the following requirements for digital images:
  • Format: JPG, PNG, or .ppt
  • Resolution: 72 dpi with minimum 800 pixels and maximum 2000 pixels on the longest side
  • Size: Minimum 100KB; not to exceed 5.0 MB for each image submitted.
  • Title: Please label each image thusly: FirstName_LastName_Number (ex. Jane_Doe_01)

Online notification of accepted art work only. The submitted work must closely represent the quality of the digital images for showing in the exhibition, must be the size as stated, and must be clean and ready to hang in the manner specified above. If your work is misrepresented in any way – in that the picture diverges greatly from what the work actually looks like in color, shape, or dimensions, etc. – we reserve the right to refuse to hang the artwork if it should be chosen for the show. No changes to title, price, etc. will be permitted after delivery of artwork. Wet or unfinished work will not be accepted. We do accept prints of the artist’s own original work, provided they are of the highest quality.

All accepted art work is to remain on display for the duration of the exhibition. No artwork is to be removed before the closing of the exhibition. Reiman Gardens reserves the right not to display
accepted work that arrives in non-display condition (dirty, damaged, coming out of the frame, over size limits, or otherwise not ready for display). PLEASE review “DISPLAY SPACE AND SIZE LIMITATION” above.

Accepted entries in any exhibition are reviewed for possible use in advertising and promoting the exhibition, as well as the Gardens (invitations, newsletters, press releases, and other advertising).
Your entry into the exhibition will constitute your consent to the possible use of your images for such purposes.

Reiman Gardens accepts personal delivery of selected art work only. Shipped artwork will not be accepted. Delivery address: Reiman Gardens, Iowa State University, 1407 University Blvd., Ames IA 50011. Reiman Gardens will accept hand delivery of accepted art work Monday – Friday only, during open business hours (10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. October – April, 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. May – September).

By submitting work for exhibit, the artist authorizes Reiman Gardens to sell such work for the “Show Price” indicated for each work on the entry form. After a sale occurs, Reiman Gardens will reimburse the exhibitor an amount equal to the “Show Price” less 25% commission. Enter NFS in “Show Price” for work that is not for sale. Any work sold during the exhibition must remain on display through the end of the display term.

Reiman Gardens, its staff and/or volunteers will not be responsible for loss or damage to art work, however caused. Reiman Gardens suggests that participants carry separate insurance. Entry into exhibition constitutes agreement with this understanding.

All artwork must be picked up by the artist or designee, during the week after the exhibition term closes. Acceptable pickup dates for hand delivered work are Monday – Friday during open business hours. Artists leaving their work after one week will be charged $5 per day, per piece, for storage. Works left beyond 15 days will be considered a donation to Reiman Gardens.

CLICK HERE to fill out an application to submit your artwork for consideration.

For general information, artwork specifications, assistance with entry, or to submit an application via email, contact Director of Education,