Class Projects

Rube Goldberg machine in Reiman Gardens' tropical plant Conservatory

We Love Class Projects!

Whether you’re looking to build a VEISHEA float or design a sculpture, Reiman Gardens welcomes partnerships with Iowa State University classes. Here are a few of the most recent Iowa State University class projects which partnered with Reiman Gardens:

  • Insect costumes created by a design and materials class and worn by dance students.
  • A VEISHEA float created by an Industrial Design class.
  • A Rube Goldberg machine designed and installed in the Conservatory by a College of Design Toy Studio.
  • Planting bulbs by horticulture students.
  • Water features investigated by water resource students.
  • Marketing classes that study attendance and visitation patterns.
  • Photography classes using the Gardens for insect and floral pictures.
  • Architecture classes exploring the different styles of modern and classical designs in the Gardens’ buildings.

For faculty, staff and students looking for class a project, the Gardens is a unique laboratory open to all. Contact us at or (515) 294-2710.